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We are a renowned business / management and people development consulting firm that specializes in providing best practice consultation and customized talent management solutions to private/public sector establishments and governments. We share proudly with our clients, services that include business and management consulting, off-the-shelf workshops for immediate impact and transformational custom-designed learning experiences.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a valued and trusted business partner, providing innovative and cost-effective business and talent management solutions.


Our Core Values

Passion for Work – We are passionate, diligent and ready to embrace work as a lifestyle.
Customer Focus – Create value, make a difference.
Entrepreneurial Support – Develop new business opportunities.
Result Driven – Act now, improve profitability.
Innovative Solutions – Build Competencies and sustainable organizations.
Relationship Building – Building trust, develop partnerships.

Our Value Proposition 

To provide our clients with differentiating consulting expertise focused on improving organizational capabilities and performance. To provide leading-edge, just-in-time and cost-effective solutions to manage profitability, minimize risk, maximize productivity, and improve expertise and capabilities.

To offer a full spectrum of talent management solutions which not only increase the scope and competencies of our clients’ staff but also reduce overall business and HR-related costs.



QHSE Policy


At DMckinsey & Associates, we are committed to providing cost-effective and high-quality services that meet our clients’ requirements in both the Private and Public Sector.

It is our commitment to ensuring effective implementation of the requirements of NIS ISO 9001:2008 standards and the continual improvement of the effectiveness of our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policies.


Change in businesses today has become a clear differentiating factor which is increasing at rates once considered unimaginable. Now, more than ever before, managing change of this magnitude has created the need for committed and competent executives with leadership skills and a track record of success and employees’ of high value.


We take a bold step toward giving you an inquiry for professional assistance, one of our experienced executives will meet you to discuss your particular needs and to indicate, on a preliminary basis, the way in which we can best help. If we believe, for any reason, that we cannot handle the assignment, we will always communicate this to you.


To support the growing demand of our clients, We rely on a national network of qualified Affiliates. Our Affiliate Partners bring a proven track record in fulfilling business and HR requirements as well as providing a wide range of consulting services. These affiliate partners are experienced in offering and implementing a solution.

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