Assessment Center

DMA Assessment Centre Management further decreases possibility of making a recruitment error by employing the skills and expertise of specialist consultants and internal client organization specialists in assessing candidates over a two to five day period. Academic research has shown that the assessment centre model is probably one of the most valid predictors of performance in a job.

The assessment involves the following steps:

  • Oral presentations 
  • Problem solving case studies 
  • In-tray exercises 
  • Role plays / simulations 
  • Team bonding assessment 
  • Personality profiling 
  • Verbal & numerical reasoning assessment 
  • Business writing skills

DMA Assessment Centre package provides an effective way to evaluate a diverse range of candidates practically and impartially. Consultants are able to observe and evaluate candidates over a longer period of time than is possible with a single interview, affording them the occasion of truly observing how they handle a variety of situations in the workplace. 

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