This course provides a comprehensive overview of the principles and practices of advanced drilling engineering, enabling participants to decide which technology is most appropriate for their business.
It is an introduction to advanced drilling topics such as High-Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) drilling, modern drilling technologies (i.e. casing drilling, unconventional drilling methods), special well design, drilling problems and their solutions. Advanced drilling techniques such as casing drilling or coiled tubing drilling are also covered as are tools and techniques used in casing or tubing drilling such as surface equipment, bottom hole assemblies (BHA), etc.

This independent course is intended for industry professionals who wish to expand their knowledge of the following advanced drilling techniques (ADT):

  • coil tubing drilling (CTD)
  • managed pressure drilling (MPD)
  • underbalanced drilling (UBD)
  • through-tubing rotary drilling (TTRD)

Participants will gain a unique insight into advanced drilling techniques through the practical integration of theory and actual drilling data, reinforced by the extensive use of real case studies from throughout the world.

  • Preparation for drilling operations
  • Drilling operations                    
  • Drilling calculations
  • Drilling hydraulics
  • Drill design
  • Casing string design
  • Bit selection and evaluation
  • Well evacuation (coring, logging and testing)
  • Abnormal pressure prediction and detection
  • Cementing
  • Directional well planning
  • Wellheads, BOP’s and operating systems
  • Stuck pipe prevention
  • Special well control situations
  • Drilling optimization
  • Drilling problems.

The training sessions will, as much as possible be practical and interactive, involving structured learning methods and hands-on practice.

  • D.McKINSEY AND ASSOCIATES Ltd Certificate of Completion for individuals who attend and complete the Refrigeration & Airconditioning: Installation, Troubleshooting & Maintenance.
  • Candidates who desire International Certifications shall be registered through our platform for such an examination.


D.Mckinsey is licensed to train and issue certificates by the following bodies;

–           Nigerian Council for Management Education, (CMD).

–           OGTAN (Oil and Gas Trainers Association of NIGERIA).

Kindly confirm space availability by calling +234 (0) 8023192104 or +234 (0) 9062386530 or send an email to info@dmckinseyandassociates.com, dmckinseytraining@gmail.com.   For In-House training programs / on request, please contact us using above contact details.

APR 1-5

JUL 17-21

OCT 14-18

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