At D.Mckinsey & Associates, we know that the responsibility for a safe and healthy workplace does note merely lie in the hands of company management. Therefore, we train all participants at our programs to impact safety culture, knowledge and skills to prevent a mishap from occurring and also train them to acquire the poise confidence and competence needed to handle swiftly and control any incident that may arise within their jurisdiction without loss of live, damage to company properties and environment.

Each employee is instructed and adviced as to the basic lessons of safety and any hazards relating to their specific tasks or activity. Our training packages are designed with a view to potentially minimizing job-related incidents/accidents and ultimately reducing operational cost.
Depending on the job responsibilities of each employee, our training could range from just a few hours to a few weeks per year. We do this by adopting the following techniques and methodologies:

  1. Single Event Training (one time need for workers induction for example)
  2. Monthly Classroom Training Sessions(as part of an annual training plan)
  3. Supervisory Training (for team Leaders)
  4. On-site Training at offshore facilities(rigs, barges, platforms, vessels & associates)

With the importance of Health and Safety becoming ever more paramount within Oil & Gas, DMAhas put in place a specialist Health & Safety team to work side by side and leverage off our other engineering teams. As well as supplying our clients with experienced health & safety individuals, we have on many occasions provided clients with project teams. These teams have a proven track record of working together in high pressure environments and delivering projects on time, within budget and more importantly, accident free. DMA ensure the health and safety of your workers and compliance with HSE requirements are of paramount importance at all times. Our health, safety and environment management program and teams provide coordination and monitoring to ensure the health and safety of our workers and compliance with HSE construction requirements.

Our services for health, safety and environment management include:

  • Safety coordination during the design, fabrication and construction phases
  • Recommendations for preventive measures
  • Coordination documents
  • Safety risk analysis
  • Verification and development of health and safety plans
  • Internal license controls
  • Verification of access permits
  • Access controls for designated areas
  • Control of collective protection
  • Control of personnel protection equipment (including helmets, gloves and shoes)
  • Safety signaling control
  • Determination of transfer/clearing routes
  • Supply of external HSE coordinators
  • Guidance/coordination concerning Occupational Health and Safety regulations
  • Regular recording and reporting, focused on non-conformities, corrective/preventative actions and statistical data
  • Safety training courses
  • Emergency response

We have proven and tested teams with a track record of having worked together in high pressure environments and delivering projects on time, within budget and more importantly, accident free. These professionals are available and can be arranged and deployed for client projects on request and at short notice.

Please browse our HSEQ and MANAGEMENT TRAINING COURSES by selecting the appropriate subject to help you identify which training course is right for you.


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