D.McKINSEY & ASSOCIATES is a renowned business / management and people development consulting firm that specializes in providing best practice consultation and customized talent management solutions to private/public sector establishments and governments. We share proudly with our clients, services that include business and management consulting, off-the-shelf workshops for immediate impact and transformational custom-designed learning experiences.


Today’s successful, forward-thinking organizations recognize that achieving and sustaining a competitive advantage is contingent upon sensible investment in current and future talent. Get a head start on the competition now by investing in your employees and leaders. Let other companies wait around for better times that may never arrive.

DMA boast of content that is rich, meaningful, and delivered by expert facilitators that are dedicated to connecting with clients and inspiring individuals to exceed expectations.
Our products and services draw on a core set of proven methodologies and tools to create a customized solution designed specifically for your unique organization. Below is our integrated Learning and Talent Development approach with associated products and services:

• Align talent with organizational strategy with HR Diagnostic and Competency Modeling.
• Assess leadership and employee capabilities in the cultural and market context with Talent Assessment, 360 Feedback, and Workforce Planning Success Kit.
• Engage leaders and employees in changing behaviors with Leadership Coaching, Leadership Workshops, and Performance Coaching.
• Develop leadership and employee capabilities and readiness with OnDemand Coaching, Training and Development, Coaching and Workshop Kits, Personal Growth and Success Guide, and Succession Planning.

At DMA, we are dedicated to helping your organization achieve positive and sustainable results. Invest in the future of your business at a pace that’s right on time and a price that you can live with. Take advantage of our Talent Development products and services – the returns will be well worth it.

Our range of MANAGEMENT and HSE TRAINING COURSES can be tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs. We work with our clients in order to fully understand their needs and to deliver a practical training program that will give incredible results.

Please browse our MANAGEMENT and HSE TRAINING COURSES by selecting the appropriate subject to help you identify which training course is right for you.



Why DMA Espresso?
• You’ll learn more in short bursts.
• Time friendly – you’re away for only 90 minutes.
• Up to 20 delegates on one session.
• Fully flexible sessions designed for your needs.
• ‘Brain-friendly’ learning methods to help you absorb learning.
• Focused on one core issue to make a real difference.
• Fun, engaging and colorful sessions – you won’t forget your new skills!

Virtual Expresso Learning

Try our new Instructor-Led Virtual Espresso Learning – Wherever you are located, it’s easy to join one of our short 90 minute online training sessions. Conducted by expert trainers using a best of breed on-line collaboration tool, this is a very convenient way of getting a short burst of training.

• Problem Solving and Decision Making
• Objective Setting
• Career Management
• Building Agreement out of Conflict
• Meetings that Move Things Forward
• Release the Pressure
• Shortcut to Creativity
• When to Say No – Focusing for Success
• Winning People Over

These sessions are available as open-enrolment, instructor-led sessions, offered online via webinar-style technology.
Want to book? Call us on +234 807 896 7259 .


Q.) What do I need to take part?
A computer with a web browser and audio capability and broadband internet connection.

Q.)Do I need to be in a quiet area in the office?
Yes, or you will need to have headphones.

Q.)How long before the start of the session should I log in?
You should aim to log on at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the session, to ensure you have time to overcome any access or technical issues.

Q.) What if I have a technical problem?
Call our special technical hotline – This will be provided to you in your joining instructions, once you have booked.

Q.)What if I have a question during the session?
Simple, you will be able to raise your hand (virtually) using the software and ask the facilitator.

Q.)Can you offer topics specific to our needs?
Yes! We can develop virtual instructor-led training sessions for you as part of a company specific learning solution.

Q.) How Much?
One standard Espresso session for up to 20 participants delivered in a day costs N500,000.00(Five Hundred Thousand naira only).

If you want to pre-book or bulk buy then please talk to us about our volume discounts.
• Management & Leadership »
• Personal Impact & Effectiveness »
• PA, Secretary and Administration »
• Project Management »
• Credit & Finance »
• Customer Service »
• Sales »
• HR, Training & Employment Law »
• Health & Safety »
• Information Technology »
• Marketing »
• Purchasing and Supply Chain »
• Business Improvement
• Chief Executive’s Selection »
• Coached e-Learning »
• E-Learning Packages »

Special Offers –

We help your training budget go further! To ensure that your training budget delivers even greater value for your organization, we have a number of great value offers. These offers are for a limited period only, so act now and save! If you are looking to purchase more than one course, we also have a range of savings plans that enable you to start making volume savings.

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Participants devise a ‘re-entry plan’ for their return to their organizations to share their experience and enact specific action plans for immediate implementation or further development.

b). Application of Learning to Personal Reality 

Participants consider their learning during the week and review their personal and organizational learning logs in order to identify specific areas where they can add value to the organization and their function

c). Individual Action & Development Plans 

Personal implementation plans to put into effect shortly, medium & long-term actions in their own working environment Identification of further learning & development needs and plans for addressing them.

d). Sources of Support & Further Development 

Participants identify and contract with each other to provide continuing support and challenge on return to their organizations forming LinkedIn and other support networks[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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