D.McKINSEY & ASSOCIATES is a renowned business / management and people development consulting firm that specializes in providing best practice consultation and customized talent management solutions to private/public sector establishments and governments. We share proudly with our clients, services that include business and management consulting, off-the-shelf workshops for immediate impact and transformational custom-designed learning experiences.


At DMA, we know that getting the very best talent or candidate on board at your business while navigating a maze of corporate challenges, legal liabilities, organizational fit whilst complying with statutory requirements is no easy feat. We pride ourselves in assisting you to identify, attract and select the right candidate to match each job.
DMA recruitment services are tailored and adopted to ensure that the most suitable candidates are attracted, tested and selected for our clients by the use of proven and tested selection tools, robust database, networks, advertising initiatives, in addition to our own rigorous recruitment techniques to partner with our clients to implement solutions that thoroughly satisfy their recruiting needs. We consider every recruitment assignment as a unique task which needs thorough and careful assessment.

Our extensive experience enables us define the ideal candidate profile, determine how to attract the best people and decide what reward package fits the candidate as well as the client. The key objective is to provide you with the choicest person, in every instance, the right candidate who is the perfect match for your specific requirements. It’s all about finding that specific individual, who best fits in with your corporate structure, culture, objectives and corporate strategy. We don’t believe in a Good Effort – We give our clients our BEST EFFORT.

DMA team comprises of experienced and professional consultants and researchers from diverse cultural backgrounds who possess a strong knowledge of their specific industry and employment market trends within Nigeria. We work across all sectors of the Nigerian economy offering permanent, interim, executive, retained and contract placements including: Oil and Gas, Maritime and Offshore, Mining, Banking and Finance, Telecoms and IT, Engineering and Construction, Power and Energy, FMCG and Manufacturing, Medical and NGO, Hospitality, Logistics and Procurement etc.
Our recruitment service is broken down into the following sub headings;

Executive Search and Selection
DMA’s goals are to develop a long-term strategic partnership with our clients placing mid-level to senior level positions. We promote professional leadership by working in partnership with our clients to find and appoint the best executive staff with senior management experience across a wide range of sectors. Utilizing our proven and time tested methodologies, tools and techniques we find and secure commitments from specific individual, who best fits in with your corporate structure, culture, objectives and corporate strategy.

DMA is involved in the recruitment of middle to senior management level cadre by extensively searching our existing database as well as utilizing our networks and contacts in the different Industry sectors, Market segments, Social network platforms and also our website. We also have in our database, a large network of professionals from very diverse fields and we can recruit locally or internationally to fit desired specification.


DMA Assessment Centre Management further decreases possibility of making a recruitment error by employing the skills and expertise of specialist consultants and internal client organization specialists in assessing candidates over a two to five day period. Academic research has shown that the assessment centre model is probably one of the most valid predictors of performance in a job.

The assessment involves the following steps:

Oral presentations Problem solving case studies In-tray exercises Role plays / simulations Team bonding assessment Personality profiling Verbal & numerical reasoning assessment Business writing skills

DMA Assessment Centre package provides an effective way to evaluate a diverse range of candidates practically and impartially. Consultants are able to observe and evaluate candidates over a longer period of time than is possible with a single interview, affording them the occasion of truly observing how they handle a variety of situations in the workplace.

Psychometrics (Occupational Testing & Occupational Personality Assessments)
At DMA we use Psychometric Tests for staff selection and employee development. We use it as a selection tool when we handle recruitment campaigns where we receive hundreds, if not thousands of applications. Psychometric tests are prearranged tests, usually taken in exam-like environment, including numerical, verbal and analytical aptitude tests. These tests aim to assess impartially candidates’ abilities and aspects of their personality.

Graduate Recruitment
DMA provides a database of already tested graduates identified by characteristics to our clients using bespoke campaigns that are designed to attract, sort and select the highest caliber of persons that are best fit for your company. Our assessments are designed to identify and select the highest caliber graduates for clients.

Talent Mapping
By constantly monitoring the best people in the market to indentify and uncover hidden talent, we provide our clients with a database of potential staff before they are needed; thereby reducing the time it takes for a traditional recruitment exercise.

DMA recognizes that managing profitability and maximizing productivity, as well as improving expertise and capabilities in today’s business environment for organizations’ is contingent on a sensible investment in their current talent and future leaders. And for a company to achieve the effective management of its human capital, it needs to have as much information as possible. Unfortunately, the employee selection and management process is often times, too clouded by subjectivity and incomplete information to be as effective as it could be. DMA assist companies to test applicants and carry out personality profiles of employees and provides them with an Assessment Report.

The Assessment Report;

Helps organizations’ understand a candidate’s potential fit for particular jobs and organizations. Identifies strengths and development areas for coaching, Reveals an individual’s true talents Clearly provides a basis for comparison with other candidates Assists in carrying out comparison of abilities with those required by the job Pinpoints relevant questions to be asked in an interview Introduces objectivity into the selection process Evidences due diligence in the event of litigation Provides a framework to benchmark successful performers Provides a basis for developing specific training and development programs Helps managers to gain insights and know how to best manage their subordinates Helps team building as well as a natural extension of your hiring and on-boarding processes.

The Assessment Report provides general overviews and descriptions regarding a candidate’s personal style, natural strengths, interpersonal style, position fit, and areas of interests. The report specifically highlights some customized components for employers as follows:
* Personal Brand and Strengths Overview
* Personal Style
* Interpersonal Style
* Leadership Style
* Job and Organizational Fit

Talent Management
This involves Bridging the GAP between Strategy and Execution.
Business executives presenting to Boards and investors take great pride in communicating well-crafted strategies that they believe will be homeruns. Why then do many high-level initiatives fail? The answer is… execution. The key to seamless execution lies in your organization’s talent.

Almost three quarters of an organization’s operating expenses are focused around management of internal talent. We can help leaders translate strate

DMA assist clients who want to handle the haul of Recruitment in house by providing expertise in any of the different stages of employment. This includes but not limited to On-line database management, short listing, Testing, psychometric assessment (aptitude, ability and personality profiling), interviewing, background tests and credential verification. We partner with clients who require assistance at specific stages of their recruitment process.

DMA has an online application service , which affords both applicants and clients the platform of registering, accessing and evaluating our online recruitment and selection database.

Our service offerings in this area include the following:

Online registration for candidates Online testing for candidates Online access to clients’ vacancies Online sorting, collation and reporting

We offer customized recruitment services targeted at sourcing specific talents and skills from the expatriate and repatriate communities, this is done by utilizing our networks and contacts in the different Industry sectors, social network platforms, affiliations and robust careers portal and also our website.

Specialised Recruitment Services for Oil & Gas / marine

DMA is involved in search and recruitment services leading to the provision of experienced, capable and competent permanent and contract professionals to the Oil & Gas Sectors in Nigeria. We provide comprehensive services covering Production and Exploration, and work to satisfy many of the Nation’s leading IOCs, Service Companies, EPC and hybrid Oil & Gas Companies’ to deliver a fully integrated search service.
We pride ourselves throughout all stages of a project to been a partners as well as a key resource to our clients. They are exposed to utilize our network of specialists and personnel to put together their choice team of high caliber individuals that will work together to achieve their set corporate and operational goals.
Our clients and candidates cover a multitude of disciplines within the following market areas;


b)Subsea and Maritime
c)Well Engineering and Drilling
d)Rig Personnel
e) Health & Safety

Career Management Services
DMA Career Management services are designed to help career focused individuals who need assistance in clarifying their career direction and planning their next strategic career move. We have in our team, professional career consultants, Coaches and counselors that work closely with clients to guide them through a detailed evaluation of their career preferences, assisting them to review their career options and helping in developing an effective career plan / path to achieve their aspirations.


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