Xmas Trees And Well Heads operations & testing

Xmas Trees and Well Heads are critical parts of any Oil & Gas Well. They control the pressures in the Casings and Production Tubing, regulate the production rates and are very important barriers in case of leaks.

This 4-day intensive Xmas Trees and Well Heads Operation and Testing training course will highlight:

  • All components of a Well Head and of a Xmas Tree and installation sequence
  • Investigation, mitigation and cure of SAP Pressures
  • Casing and Tubing Seals (monitoring and leak repairs)
  • Different Causes of SAP Pressures.
  • Hazards originated by faulty wellheads (and their mitigation)

By the end of this training course, participants will learn to:

  • Develop the knowledge relationship between surface (Well Heads) and downhole.
  • Investigate leaks and identify cause of leak
  • Determine Tubing pressures (based on depth of perfs, density of fluid and BHFP).
  • Investigate SAP pressures based on well pressure monitoring using 2 and 3 pen recorders.
  • Explain influence of corrosion models on MAASP pressures and on Well Life Cycle
  • Day One: Introduction – Well Heads and Xmas Trees

    Topics to be covered

    • Operational Safety
    • Reservoirs, wells and well heads
    • Problems caused by poor cement jobs
    • Well construction and primary cement jobs
    • Construction of a well from Casings to Well Head.
    • Productivity Index calculated at Well Head
    • Well head main functions
    • Practical Calculations to determine Tubing Pressures based on several factors.
    • Well head classifications
    • API Specification 6A
    • Basic Components of a Well Head
    • Well Head Installation movie
    • Casing Head / Casing Head Function
    • Investigation and Discussion of SAP Case 1

    Day Two:  Continuation of Well Head Components

    Topics to be covered

    • Casing Spool / Casing Spool function
    • Casing Hangers
    • Tubing Heads and Tubing Hangers
    • Investigation and Discussion of SAP Case 2.
    • Continuation of tubing hangers
    • Tubing Head Adapters
    • Typical Xmas Tree Components.
    • Fix Chokes and Adjustable Chokes
    • Flanges (6B and 6BX types)
    • Seals and gaskets
    • Unitized Well Head
    • The BOP

    Day Three:  Xmas Tree Installation, Pressure Testing

    Topics to be covered

    • Xmas Tree Installation
    • Well Head Repairs
    • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Actuators
    • Investigation and discussion of SAP Case 3
    • Casing Hangers and Well Pressure Control
    • Common Pack Offs and Secondary Seals
    • Tubing Hangers (cross sections)
    • Tests and Leak Path Determination
    • Unitized Well Heads
    • Basic rules for Pressure Testing Well Heads
    • Test Schematics of Well Heads.
    • Movie: testing Well Head.
    • Example of sealing Cavity with sealant
    • Basic requirements of a Well Completion
    • Casing String types
    • Liners, liner hangers and tie back liners
    • Effects of pressure in “b” and “c” annulus

    Day Four: Well Head Repairs and Well Integrity

    Topics to be covered

    • Well Head Repairs and Casing Repairs
    • Surface Casing corrosion
    • Burst and Collapse Pressure Decline with time.
    • MAASP Calculations for annulus A
    • Short introduction on Material Selection
    • Corrosion Monitoring Tools
    • Cathodic Protection
    • Well Integrity : Safety and Operational aspects
    • Constructing a well with Integrity
    • Well Integrity Issues
    • The important of SC-SSSV
    • Well Head Components and well integrity assurance guidelines.
    • Risk Management
    • WIMS : Well Integrity Management System.
    • Industry Standards and Guidelines
    • Well Integrity Drivers and Implementation
    • Well Integrity Envelope
    • Well Integrity, Annular Pressures and Well Head Monitoring
    • SAP (Sustainable Annulus Pressures) Wells
    • Investigation and discussion of SAP Case  4

This training course uses both conventional and non-traditional techniques. It utilises small group and facilitated plenary discussions as well as instruction to explore key concepts, models, tools and techniques. Hands-on exercises and case studies are used to practice the application of knowledge and use of skills. Structured reviews provide the opportunity to consider how the learning can be applied to the delegates’ own work.

  • D.McKINSEY AND ASSOCIATES Ltd Certificate of Completion for individuals who attend and completes’ Xmas Trees And Well Heads operations & testing course.
  • Candidates who desire International Certifications shall be registered through our platform for such an examination.


D.Mckinsey is licensed to train and issue certificates by the following bodies;

–           Nigerian Council for Management Education, (CMD).

–           OGTAN (Oil and Gas Trainers Association of NIGERIA).

Kindly confirm space availability by calling +234 (0) 8023192104 or +234 (0) 9062386530 or send an email to info@dmckinseyandassociates.com, dmckinseytraining@gmail.com.   For In-House training programs / on request, please contact us using above contact details.

MAY 13-16

AUG 5-8

NOV 4-7

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