Outsourcing Solutions

Human Resources Are The Most Important Assets Of Organizations. All Reforms Requiring Change In The Public Or Private Sector Depend On An Appropriately Structured And Trained Workforce, To Achieve Successful Project Implementation. Our Human Resources Unit Has Strong Local Experience And Can Quickly Create The Fundamental Shift In The Focus, Activities And Outcomes Of Your Organization As May Be Required To Deliver The Right Results.
A Major Aspect Of Our Broad Range Of Activities Required To Harness An Organization’s Potential Is Outsourcing.
For Example;

  • Do You Find That A Good Deal Of Your Time Is Spent On Non-Core Functions Rather Than On Your Business?
  • Do You Want To Save On Money, Time And Infrastructure?
  • Would You Like To Maximize Your Revenue And Minimize Your Expenses?

Then Now Is The Time To Outsource. Outsourcing Is The Giving Out Of One Or Some Business Processes To An Outside Provider, Who Then Owns, Run And Administers The Selected Processes Based On A Distinct And Measurable Performance Metric. An Organization Can Contract Out Just About Anything, But We Advise That You Farm Out Your Non-Core Functions.

We In DMA Provide Outsourcing Services To Various Establishments In Various Sectors Of The Economy. Our Human Capital Outsourcing Include But Is Not Limited To The Following: Security Operatives, Radio Operators, Welders/Fitters, Marine Crew, Mechanics, Electricians, Planning Engineers, Estimators, Cost Controllers, Auto Cad Engineers, Construction Engineers, Dimensional Officers, Customer Service Executives, Personal Assistants, Secretaries, Call Center Executives, Receptionists/ Guest Relation Officers, System Analysts, IT Operators, Sales & Marketing Executives, Cashiers, Bank Tellers/ Transaction Officers, Clerical Officers/ Office Assistants, Office Administrators, Archivists, Money Transfer Officers.

It Is Our Desire To Engage With You To Identify Other Categories Of Staff You May Need, And Subcontract Same To You.
Our Contract Labor Outsourcing Provides Benefits Which Include:

  • Cheap Load On Your HR Department With Regards To Attracting, Retraining And Releasing Staff
  • Improved Level Of Proficiency Deployed To Execute Specific Tasks
  • Price Efficiency And Effectiveness.
  • Charge Efficiency And Effectiveness.
  • More Time For You To Focus On Your Core Business Processes.


Other DMA’s Outsourcing Service Offerings Include The Following:

  • HR Outsourcing:
    If Your Company Has Adopted A Tight Fiscal Policy In Order To Streamline Costs, DMA Outsourcing Offers You An Innovative Cost Potion Which Involves End-To-End Human Resource Initiatives. Our Cost Management Initiative Is Applied To Such Cost Management Initiatives As: Training And Development, Recruitment And Selection, Change Management, Assessment And Profiling As Well As Performance Management.
  • Master Vendor Agreements: 
    DMA Outsourcing Can Handle Your Large Outsourcing Programs That May Involve Many Individual Supplier Organizations. DMA Outsourcing Will Drive The Process Of Managing The Outsourcing Contract.
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO):
    BPO Is The Transfer Of Responsibility For An Entire Process To Us At DMA’s Outsourcing. We Will Determine How The Process Operates While Assuring That The Outcome Of The Process Conforms To Your Organization’s Requirements. We Handle Processes Such As The Outsourcing Of Secretaries, Bulk And Payment Tellers, Telephone Operators, Customer Service Personnel, Sales Force Management And Other Non-Core Processes.
  • Call Centre Management:
    At DMA Outsourcing, We Offer Your Organization The Required Expertise To Manage Your Call Centre, Dealing With Recruitment Of Call Centre Agents, Training, On-Site Management And HR & Pay-Roll Administration.

Some Of The Benefits Of Outsourcing Include:

1. Cost Reduction
Our Research Reveals That This Is The Most Frequent Basis For Organization To Outsource Some Of Their Business Processes. This Is Because Cost And Profit Are The Most Easily Understood And Measurable Potential Benefits Of Outsourcing. Maintaining An Infrastructure Can Be An Extra Burden For Some Businesses, Which Outsourcing Can Remove.

Outsourcing Your Business Requirements To A Trusted Vendor Can Help You Save On The Capital Expenditure, Time, And Extra Efforts Of Your Personnel. Additionally, You Are No Longer Committed To Invest On Employee Training, Or Purchasing Expensive Software, Or Investing In Latest Technologies. All This Add Up To Higher Returns In The Longer Run.

Outsourcing Arrangements Result In Cost Reductions Because:

  • We Can Apply Advanced And Regularly Updated IT Systems To Process Data.
  • We Have Developed Effective Streamlined, Simple, And Proven Processes. 
  • We Can Apply Painstaking Service Management Practices And Focus.

2. Risk Reduction
Our Research Also Reveals That Organizations May Decide To Outsource In Order To Reduce Some Of Their Business/Corporate Risks – For Instance, Financial Risks And Legal Risks. Outsourcing Will Allow You To Share Any Associated Risks With Your Outsourcing Partners There By Reducing Your Burden. For Example – By Outsourcing To A Competent Outsourcing Partner You Reduce The Risk Involved In Having The Same Task Done In-House By Staff That May Not Be As Competent In That Field.Ces And Focus.

3. Get Access To Skilled Expertise: 
One Of The Primary Reasons Why A Business May Want To Outsource A Task Is When It Requires Skilled Expertise. This Skill Set May Not Be A Core Competency Of Its Business. To Allow You To Focus On Your Core Mission In Providing A High Quality Product And Service To Your Customer What Makes Sense Is Off Shoring The Task To People Can Perform It Better. Moreover, As A Double Whammy, You Not Only Spend Less On Employee Trainings And Save Precious Man-Hours But Cut Costs As Well.
 DMA Outsourcing Has Dedicated Teams To Provide Wide Range Of Outsourcing Services, Which Help Us Offer Specialized Business Process Outsourcing Solutions To Clients Globally. We Leverage On Our Multi-Domain Expertise And Skills Across Variegated Industry Verticals And Technologies To Achieve Superior Quality And Unmatched Proficiency In The Outsourced Process.

4. Increase In-House Efficiency
We Are Able To Deliver More Effective Service Delivery And Processes Than Can Be Done In-House Within Your Organization. The Expertise That We Provide In The Area Of Service Delivery Is Significantly Greater Than What You Can Achieve Internally As We Ensure That All The Critical Investment In People And Infrastructure Required Is Made In Order To Achieve Optimal Results And Productivity.

5. It Gives Your Business A Competitive Edge: 
The Ultimate Benefit Of Outsourcing Is That It Helps Your Organization Gain A Competitive Edge In The Market. Through Strategic Outsourcing To An Outsourcing Partner, You Are Not Only Providing Your Customers With Best-Of Breed Services, But Increasing Your Productivity While Managing Your In-House Resources Intelligently. Outsourcing Can Help You Surpass Competitors Who Have Not Yet Realized The Benefits Of Outsourcing.

6. Focus On Core Activities
Outsourcing Non-Core Activities Offers You The Potential Of Enabling Your Core People To Focus On Their Main Functions Of Developing Strategy And Business Partnering.
 Workload Increases With Additional Non-Core Functions And The Quality Of Your Core Activities Suffers As Your Business Grows. Outsourcing In Such Scenario To A Third Party Plays An Important Role By Allowing Your Key Resources To Focus On Primary Business Tasks.

7. Organizational Growth
Rapid Growth Of Your Organization May Place Undue Strains On Your Existing Internal Resources. Outsourcing Enables You To Manage The Transition More Effectively And Smoothly.

8. Staffing Flexibility:
Outsourcing Certain Independent Tasks, Allows Your Business To Maintain A Financial Flexibility When There Is An Uncertainty In Demand. You Can Scale Up Or Down Comfortably. At A Much Lower Cost, Offshore Outsourcing Provides Additional Benefit Of Running Your Business In Full Throttle Even During Off Season And Holiday Months.