Nigerian Content Development Services

Maximizing Participation of Nigerians In Oil And Gas Activities

DMA Provides Comprehensive Consulting Services And Training On Nigerian Content Development In Industry Sub-Sectors With Special Emphasis On The Development Of Local Content In The Nigerian Oil And Gas Industry. We Provide Advisory Services Covering:

  1. Contractual Assessment Of Local Content Policy In The Oil And Gas Industry
  2. Mitigating Industry Risk And Protecting The Value
  3. Compliance With The Nigerian Oil And Gas Industry Content Development Act.
  4. Building Training Into Project Execution Plan.
  5. Provisioning For Indigenous Staff And Other Nigerians As May Be Required To Be Trained During Project Execution.
  6. Supporting Project Specific Local Content Plan By Employing Competent And Qualified Local Contractors To Provide.
  7. Technical And Non-Technical Services And Support (When Required).
  8. Setting Up Local Infrastructure In Co-Operation With Our Offshore Partners To Meet The Requirement Of NCD Directives.
  9. Entering Into Technical Partnerships With Other Organizations To Execute Projects And Transfer Knowledge Through Structured Training Program Involving Classroom And Hands-On-The-Job Training.
  10. Carrying Out Industry-Specific Research And Specialized Studies.
Our NCD Services Includes
  • Training Plan (OGTAN – Registered Trainer)
  • NOGICJQS Registration
  • Nigerian Content Plan (NCP)
  • Nigerian Content Compliance Certificate (NCCC)
  • Expatriates Quota Application Endorsement
  • Nigerian Content Equipment Certificate (NCEC)
  • Nigerian Content Consultative Forum (NCCF)
  • Nigerian Content Performance Report
  • Nigerian Content Performance League (NCPL)
  • The Nigerian Content Development Fund (NCDF)
  • Marine Vessel Utilization Scheme