We provide a comprehensive range of complementary survey and diagnostic tools that enable organizations to accurately assess needs, prioritize and make appropriate investment decisions to improve performance. We provide a comprehensive range of distinct yet complementary survey and diagnostic tools, that enable organisations to accurately assess needs, prioritise and make appropriate investment decisions which lead to improvements in individual and business performance.

These diagnostics can be used as standalone learning and development assessment tools or as organizational wide initiatives to support culture change or strategy development. Find out more about surveys and diagnostic tools.

Research continues to prove the link between high levels of employee commitment and improved financial performance. DMA have proprietary surveys and diagnostic tools for carrying out employee engagement survey. From previous experience, the outcome of our surveys enables organisations to pinpoint the key practices which most affect employee engagement and enables them to take steps to rapidly improve and sustain engagement.
Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is the mechanism for making the right information available in a timely and efficient manner, to the right decision makers who are appropriately incentivized to drive performance.

Simply put; CPM = The Right Management Information + the Right Behaviors
CPM is driven at measuring, tracking and improving an organization’s performance. DMA will work hand in hand with your finance department to identify the present issues and analyze the various steps that will need to be taken to curb the factors that influence high overhead and enhance employee engagement, capacity and productivity to boost revenue, return on investment. When employees act on an individual level pursuing their own individualistic goals while neglecting the corporate goals i.e. when they don’t actively share the goals of the organization or when employees lack the potential for greater achievement, the vision and strategy of the organization will fail.
At DMA, we will work out ways to increase employee inclusiveness and engagement in the organization. Our integrated approach links enterprise-wide strategy to core processes and into actionable metrics to drive behaviors that will help align your key performance indicators and give you insight to improve operational decisions and actions.
Whether it’s a business strategy or a global marketing strategy or a corporate strategy the right questions have to be asked and the strategy has to be articulated in a way that the means to carry out the actions are clear enough to provide the desired deliverables. Many times organizations put forth a well-intentioned effort when creating vision and strategy but fall short of desired outcomes because they don’t develop clear objectives and action plans. We will help you make the make the big picture digestible, breaking down goals and milestones into smaller, measurable steps and anticipate reasonable contingencies in processes or activities. We will carry out a situation analysis to identify current issues, we will take cognizance of the vision, goals and values of the company when creating the strategy and make sure they evolve with the strategy plan and we will carry out a gap analysis to show the difference between the current state and the planned desired state.
The questions to ask when making any strategy include:
What are my long term goals?
How do I analyze my target audience market and my competitors in a way that will give me an edge?
Where is my company right now?
What are my company’s strengths and weaknesses?
Where do I want to be in 5 years and what steps do I need to take to achieve this?
How do I map out a strategy to achieve this that can be flexible, properly interpreted and acted on to give me the desired result?
We at DMA will help you answer these questions and guide you to make the right strategy that will achieve your desired objectives.

In today’s competitive world to stay ahead you need to be abreast of different and new information, any organization that has a product or service to sell on a major scale needs market research whether it’s to know how well your product will fare or what advantage your competition has or the recent changes in the market scenario and the economic, technological factors affecting them.
At DMA we will help you identify present opportunities, identify your target group in the market, gather competitive intelligence data, analyze and interpret the market trends and customer spending behavior over a period of time and guide you in creating the right business or marketing strategy based on our research. Our research solutions include Business plan, Feasibility Report, Company Report, Industry report, Market opportunity report, and market survey.