DMA Work Service’s Temporary Worker Placement Solutions Empower Hundreds Of Industry Leaders To Immediately Respond To Their Fluctuating Business Cycles By Quickly Adjusting Employment Levels To Reflect Actual Demand. Our Services Successfully Confronts HR Challenges Generated By Seasonal Surge In Sales, The Need To Rapidly Realize Large Orders, Scheduled Vacations And Maternity Leaves By Permanent Staff, Excessive Absenteeism And Staff Rotation, As Well As Fluctuating Production / Manufacturing Cycles.
Having The Right Amount Of People At The Right Time Reduces Payroll And Administrative Costs. Work Service Takes Full Responsibility For Qualified Employee Recruitment, Personnel Management, Payroll, Compliance With Labor Codes And All Related Activities, Empowering Our Clients To Concentrate On Their Core Business.
While Our Placed Employees Will Always Meet The Job Specifications, Work Service’s Value Added Adaptation / Training Programs Enables The Worker To Quickly Perform The Assigned Tasks. Additionally, The Training Builds An Employee Affinity With Your Company, Transforming Temps Into A Team.

We Assure Seamless Communications Between You, The Temporary Employee And Your Dedicated Work Service Consultant With The Latest Web Based And Mobile Technologies.
Depending On The Size And Duration Of The Project, We Can Base A Work Service Consultant “In-House”, Ensuring A Rapid Response To Any Issues On Site.

Temporary Worker Placement Comprises:

  • Modern Methods Of Selection And Recruitment To Provide The Best Temporary Employee For The Position. Work Service Consultants Go Well Beyond Just Examining The Job Description By Determining In Detail The Policies And Work Environments Of Every One Of Their Customers. They Then Carefully Match The Temporary Employee’s Proven Skills, Strengths And Aptitude With Our Customer’s Unique Criteria To Provide Workers That Are Ready To Excel In The Position From The Moment They Arrive;
  • Personnel Management, Including Taking Over All Legal And Other Formal Payroll Issues Including Contracts, Vacations, Social Insurance, Taxes And Related Declarations;
  • Adaptation / Training Programs So That The Employee Shares Your Vision, Goals And Company’s Mission;
  • Maintaining Liability And Other Insurance Policies On Each Placed Worker.

We Guarantee: 
A)            Access To Nigeria’s Largest Database Of Qualified Workers Ready For Immediate Placement;
B)            Workforce Flexibility To Optimize The Amount Of Staff On Any Given Day;
C)             Reducing The Workload In Your Busy HR Department;
D)            Regular Satisfaction Surveys To Gain Valuable Feedback To Fine-Tune The Service;
E)            A Unique Loyalty Program That Rewards And Motivates Our Staff To Maintain Our Excellent Reputation For Superior Temporary Placement Services.