This Action-Packed Project Management Boot Camp Seminar Is Designed For Participants To Get The Knowledge Required To Be More Effective In Their Role And To Be Able To Continually Deliver Successful Projects In Their Organization.

Leading Projects Can Be A Hard And Stressful Job; And Hence This Project Management Boot Camp Seminar Will Try To Remove The Stress And Show Participants How To Successfully Deliver Any Projects.

It Will Focus On Understanding How To Approach Projects, The Value Project Management Has In Delivering Successful Projects, How To Deal With Customer Issues And Project Delivery, Project Selection, Planning, Estimating, Scheduling, And Delivering Customer Satisfaction.

This Project Management Boot Camp Seminar Will Feature:

  • Apply And Practice Project Management In A Fun, Practical And Team Orientated Environment.
  • Practice The Principles Of Multi-Project Management & Understand The Challenges Of Managing Large Complex Project And How To Overcome Them.
  • Collect Hands On Experience Of Creating Elements Of The Project Plan, Project Risks And Metrics.
  • Identify How To Implement Selected Or All Project Management Tools And Methods For Immediate Use.
  • Define What It Takes To Deliver A Project To Customer Satisfaction And Sponsor Alignment.
By The End Of This Project Management Boot Camp Seminar, Participants Will Be Able To:
  • Understand The Practices Of Project And Program Management Including The Ability To Manage Multiple Projects And Large Complex Projects
  • Identify And Apply The Mindset And Leadership Skills For Project Managers
  • Interpret The Way To Approach The Managing Of Multiple Projects And How This Differs From Managing Single Projects
  • Identify How To Use Project Management That Can Advance The Way Your Organization Works
  • Describe Various Project Management Tools And Techniques And Apply Them In Different Project Scenarios
Day One: What It Takes To Become A Project Manager
  • What Traits Do The Best Project Managers Have And How To Develop These
  • What Should A Project Manager Look For In Developing An Effective Project Team
Boot Camp Breakout 1: Develop Your Project Team And Undergo A Team Building Exercise
  • Understanding The Role Of The Project Manager In Business Development
  • Identifying The Attitude Of Project Stakeholders And How To Manage Them
Boot Camp Breakout 2: Introducing The Project And Introducing The Customer
  • Identify Your Customer And Understanding The Different Strategies In Managing Their Expectation
  • Identifying And Setting Project Team Responsibilities
Boot Camp Breakout 3: Present Your Team To The Customer Organization Day Two: Managing Multiple Projects
  • Defining The Keys To Managing Multiple Projects And How To Accomplish This
  • How To Identify And Deal With Difficult Personality Types On Multiple Projects
  • How To Deal And Manage Change When Dealing With Multiple Project
  • Understanding The Steps In Successfully Delegating Work On Projects
Boot Camp Breakout 4: Setting Up Your Project Structure To Reassure Your Customer On Project Delivery
  • Defining The 10 Critical Elements Of A Good Project Management Plan?
  • Understanding The Difference Between Planning For Small Versus Large Complex Projects?
Boot Camp Breakout 5: Developing A Project Plan For Your Project And Breaking The Project Into Parts Which Can Be Assigned To Team Members Day Three: Developing And Controlling The Project Plans
  • Understanding The 11 Elements That Make A Good Schedule … What Are They And How To Manage Them
  • Understanding The Common Pitfalls To Avoid When Making A Project Schedule
Boot Camp Breakout 6: Develop A Schedule That Your Sponsor Can Understand
  • How To Identify And Manage Risk In Any Projects
  • Understanding When And Where Project Contracts Need To Be Used And How They Should Be Managed
Boot Camp Breakout 7: Present The Risk Back To Your Sponsor And Understand Financial Implications
  • Understand How To Develop The Project Financial Budget
  • Understand What Critical Project Elements That Constantly Need Monitoring
Boot Camp Breakout 8: Setting Up The Project Control System Day Four: Managing Change
  • Understand How To Be Proactive In Managing Change
  • Understand What To Do If The Project Is Behind Schedule Or Over Budget
  • What Is The Proper Way To Manage A Customer When Change Requires Extra Budget Or Time
Boot Camp Breakout 9: Deal With The Change
  • Understand The Best Way Of Interfacing With Your Stakeholders During Meetings
  • Boot Camp Breakout 10: It Is Time To Meet With The Customer And Tell Them About The Change
  • Actions, Issues And Change … How To Report On Them
Boot Camp Breakout 11: Compile The Actions, Issues And Change Day Five: Wrapping Up The Project
  • Understand The Right Way To Complete A Project
  • Identify The Best Method Of Transitioning Projects To The Customer
  • Understand How To Make The Best Use Of Lesson Learnt
  • Understand How Can To Turn A Complicated Project Into A Major Success
  • How Well Should The Project Manager Know The Customer And Understanding Why It Matters
  • Understanding Strategies On How Project Managers Can Improve The Relationship With Their Customers
Boot Camp Breakout 12: It Is Time To Build A Bridge Between You And The Customer – Can You Do It And Show How Successful The Project Is?
This Project Management Boot Camp Seminar Will Utilize A Variety Of Proven Adult Learning Techniques To Ensure Maximum Understanding,
Comprehension And Retention Of The Information Presented.
The Project Management Boot Camp Seminar Is Highly Interactive And Is Designed With Workshop And Practical Exercises Centered On A Project Case Study.
Students Will Complete Several Elements Of Project Work Through Assigned Roles In A Team Environment. There Will Be Open Discussion And Real World Examples With The Emphasis On Learning By Doing.
  • D.McKINSEY AND ASSOCIATES Ltd Certificate Of Completion For Individuals Who Attend And Complete The Project Management Boot Camp Seminar.
  • Candidates Who Desire International Certifications Shall Be Registered Through Our Platform For Such An Examination As Per PMI Standards And Cost.
Course Duration: 4 DAYS
Course Dates:
MAY 13-17
AUG 5-9
NOV 4-8
D.Mckinsey Is Licensed To Train And Issue Certificates By The Following Bodies; – Nigerian Council For Management Education, (CMD). – OGTAN (Oil And Gas Trainers Association Of NIGERIA).
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