This comprehensive course will show you how to best deal with the sales process from start to finish. With the right tools and techniques, we can show you how to make sales more achievable, enabling everyone to become more confident within their sales roles. Every sales process is different and therefore we will look at your own business model, creating a programme that reflects your individual needs.

•    Professional selling – the modern-day skills and qualities needed.
•    How to make appointments and obtain interviews.
•    How to probe and identify real needs.
•    How to make customers want to buy.
•    How to handle objections and obtain clients commitment

•    Choosing a sales career
•    How modern behavioural changes are influencing sales approach
•    New communications relationships and development of sales competence
•    The five keys to successful selling:
o    Confident communications
o    Knowledge of the customer
o    Knowledge of the products – features, benefits
o    Knowledge of the industry
o    Knowledge of the market and competition
•    Modern prospects – high stress levels, low attention spans.    
•    High pressure selling vs customer involvement process
•    The power of product knowledge
•    How to gather credibility and establish personal trust
•    Friendship building for strategic sales relationship
•    Analysis of buying and selling styles
•    Preparation research and planning
•    Making appointments that yield productive meetings.

•    Understanding customers’ needs and customers wants
•    Effective communications – questioning and listening skills
•    Breaking the ice – getting prospects to like you
•    Presenting the product or service
•    Selling the benefits
•    Handling objections.
•    Product pricing power
•    Selling a brand
•    Closing techniques
•    Managing sales administration
•    Sales reports
•    Territory/Time management.        

•    Experiences in telephone selling
•    Salesperson’s grooming
•    Salesperson’s business etiquette
•    Creating the right impressions
•    Dressing for success
•    Facing a long sales cycle:
o    Short/long term opportunities
o    Key players/priorities
o    Managing areas of weakness/vulnerability
o    Attention to the economics of the business.


NGN 125,000

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