This Two (2) Day Course, Outlines The Best Practice In Contract Management Principles And Practices With A Special Focus On Either Traditional Fully Documented Or Specialized Contracts.

This Course Explores The Procurement Process; The Structure Of Contracts And Options Available; The Relationship Between Parties; Interpretation Of The Contract Clauses And Requirements; And Best Practices In Contract Management And Administration.

  • Understand The Role Of Procurement In Achieving Strategic Goals
  • Identify Contract Components And Understand The Various Contract Systems Available.
  • Selecting The Appropriate Contract For The Project
  • Selecting/Negotiating The Offer That Represents The Best Value For The Buyer (Price Vs. Value)
  • Understand The Contract’s Legal Implications (Fully Documented Or ‘Design And Build’)
  • Overview Of Requirements, Documents, Specifications, Plans And Processes
  • Structure Of The Contract
  • Options Within The Contract
  • Roles Of The Parties Under The Contract
  • Information Or Documents Supplied By Principal / Owner
  • Interpretation Of The Contract Clauses
  • Deliverables By The Owner
  • Deliverables By The Contractor
  • Deliverables By The Contractor’s Design Team Under ‘Design And Build’ Model
  • Work Flow And Timing (And The Differences Between Fully Documented And ‘Design And Build’)
  • Quality Assurance, OH&S And Environment Requirements
  • Contract Administration Duties And Processes
  • Rules Of Contract Interpretation In Project Disputes – The 10 Rules Of Contract Interpretation
  1. Introduction
  • Overview Of All Phases Of Contracting
  • Contract Essential Elements
  • Contract Performance And Non-Performance
  • Procurement
  • Tendering – The Process Of Transformation And Motivation Theories
  • Negotiation And Influencing Strategies
  • Contract Management And Administration
2 . Procurement Process
  • Procurement Management Process
  • Procurement Management Plans
  • Procurement Planning
  • Make Vs Buy Decision
  • 7 “Rights” Of Procurement
  • Procurement Delivery Systems
3. Contract Systems
  • Contract Types
  • Contract Selection
  • Standard Form General Conditions
  • Contract Statement Of Works
4. Procurement & Tendering
  • Objectives Of Tendering
  • Solicitation
  • Tender Preparation
  • Tender Evaluation
  • Probity
5. Understanding Contracts
  • Things To Note
  • Contract Documents
  • Disclaimers/Releases/Indemnities
  • Order Of Precedence
6. Contract Administration
  • Contract Administration Activities
  • Roles In The Contract
  • Contract Management Plan
  • Avoiding Accidental Amendments To The Contract
  • Our Obligations
  • Information/Documents To Be Supplied To The Principal/Owner
  • Deliverables
  • Management Systems & Contract Management
  • Contract Requirements
  • Managing Contractor Performance
  • Contract Administration Jargon
  • Change Control
  • Contract Insurances
  • Notices
  • How To Minimize Prolongation
  • Suspension
  • Termination
  • Time And Progress
  • Claims & Disputes
  • Delay/Prolongation Claims
  • Variations
  • Defects Liability
  • Payment Claims And Payments
  • Disputes
  • Contractor Performance
  • Closing The Contract
This Course Will Utilize A Variety Of Proven Adult Learning Techniques To Ensure Maximum Understanding, Comprehension And Retention Of The Information Presented. This Includes High Interaction With Tutorial Input As Well As Case Studies, Individual And Syndicated Work, And Film Shows Etc. There Will Be Opportunity For Group Discussion And For Participants To Compare Experience. Time Will Be Allocated At The End Of Each Day To Reflect Upon The Learning And Plan To Transfer The Knowledge Back To The Work Place.
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