Customer Relationship Management Training (CRM) Is One Of The Most Important Components For Sustenance And Growth Of An Organization. With The Advancement Of Software Technologies, Significant Progress Has Been Made In Designing And Managing CRM Systems. These Efforts Envisage Facilitating Better Customer Interactions And Greater Understanding About Customers; Thus Helps An Organization Build Competitive Advantages.

This Course Plans To Impart A Sound Introduction To CRM, A Comprehensive Understanding Of The Processes Involved, Strong Understanding Of Software Components In Different CRM Systems, And Practical Applications Of CRM In Different Sectors. As The Course Is Targeted To Students Of Rural Management, It Includes Practical Examples With Strong Lineage To Rural Planning And Development.

Overlook The Key Requirements For A CRM Process That Integrates Your Organization With Those Of Your Customers. Learn How To Introduce A Successful CRM Program In Your Organization & Reap Enormous Benefits As A Result.
  • Understand What Is Customer Relationship Management
  • Identify Your Customers
  • Managing Your Customers
  • Measuring CRM
  • Standards & Continuous Improvement In CRM
  • CRM As A Business Process
  • CRM, Communication And People
NGN 125,000
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