Successful Organizations Recognize That Critical Thinking And Creative Solutions To Problems Significantly Enhance Business Potential. Today’s Decision Makers Must Use A Variety Of Thinking Styles, Methodologies And Creative Processes. In This Course, You Develop Your Skills As A Critical Thinker And Problem Solver. You Learn To Leverage Your Personal Thinking Preferences Using Tools And Techniques Based On Latest Thinking.

This Class Teaches Participants Effective Problem Solving And Decision-Making Skills. The Instructor Will Guide Participants Through The Process Of Identifying Root Causes Of Problems, Generating Solutions To Problems, Establishing Decision-Making Criteria, And Using Those Criteria To Select The Best Alternative Solution To Problems. Participants Will Learn To Evaluate The Benefits And Risks Of Individual Versus Group Decision-Making Approaches. Case Situations Will Be Used To Help Participants Learn How To Apply The Problem Solving And Decision-Making Processes To Their Own Work Situations.

  • Identifies And Analyzes Problems.
  • Uses Sound Reasoning To Arrive At Conclusions.
  • Finds Alternative Solutions To Complex Problems.
  • Distinguishes Between Relevant And Irrelevant Information To Make Logical Judgments.
  • Develops New Insights Into Situations And Applies Innovative Solutions To Make Organizational Improvements.
  • Designs And Implements New Or Cutting-Edge Programs And Processes. Exercises Good Judgment By Making Sound
  • And Well-Informed Decisions.
  • Diagnose Potential And Actual Problems.
  • Demonstrate The Ability To Identify The Root Causes Of Problems.
  • Use Creative Problem-Solving Techniques To Generate Multiple Solutions. Evaluate Alternative Solutions And Select
  • The Best One Based On Available Data.
  1. Introduction To Decision Making
  2. Barriers To Brilliant Decisions
  3. Critical Thinking
  4. Problem Analysis Guidelines
  5. The Decision
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