Data Management, Manipulation And Analysis Using Excel

This Course Is Aimed At Professionals Who Have, Or Will Soon Have, Responsibility For Managing And Manipulating Data Using MS Excel On A Day To Day Basis.

The Course Assumes Zero Knowledge, Begins With An Introduction To The Excel Environment And Ends With Delegates Being Skilled In Using 50+ MS Excel Functions, Sophisticated Data Management And Charting Techniques And Advanced Data Analysis Capability.

Do You Still Think That Excel Is A Tool That Is Used Only By People In Your Company’s Finance Department? If So, You Are Wrong. It Does Have Fantastic Financial Modeling Capability But It Offers So Much More Than That.

Excel Is Not Reserved For Financial Data. Everyone In Middle To Senior Management Manages Some Kind Of Data And Hence The Need To Attend This Course.

  • This Course Will Feature:
  • Advanced Data Analysis
  • Both Textual And Numerical Data
  • Forecasting
  • Advanced Charting
  • Scenario Analysis
By The End Of This Course, Participants Will Be Able To:
  • Analyse Relationships Across Information And Data Using MS Excel
  • Generate Data Forecasts Using MS Excel
  • Organise Your Company’s Data In A More Structured Manner
  • Analyse Your Data Effectively Using Various MS Excel Techniques
  • Select The Appropriate Chart For Your Data
  • Cell Referencing, Cell Formatting And Entering Formula
  • Workbooks Versus Worksheets
  • Copy And Pasting
  • Left Click Versus Right Click
  • Paste Special
  • Introductory Charts Use Of Text Function, FIND(), LEN(), LEFT(), RIGHT() And &
  • Use Of Count Functions, COUNTA(), COUNTIF(), COUNTIFS() And SUMIF()
  • Basic Statistical Functions, Max And Average
  • Filtering, Sorting And Use Of Conditional Formatting
  • Scatter Diagrams
  • Use Of VLOOKUP() And HLOOKUP()
  • Date Functions, YEAR(), MONTH(), DAY(), YEARFRAC()
  • Selecting Appropriate Charts
  • Introduction To Pivot Tables
  • Using MS Excel To Calculate Mean, Mode And Median
  • The Difference Between The Various Standard Deviation And Variance Function In MS Excel
  • Using MS Excel To Examine Inter-Dependency
  • Drawing Histograms In MS Excel
  • Introduction To Data Analysis Functions
  • Naming Cells In MS Excel
  • Linking Cells Together To Undertake Scenario Analysis
  • Introduction To Solver
This Training Course Uses Both Conventional And Non-Traditional Techniques. It Utilises Small Group And Facilitated Plenary Discussions As Well As Instruction To Explore Key Concepts, Models, Tools And Techniques.
Hands-On Exercises And Case Studies Are Used To Practice The Application Of Knowledge And Use Of Skills.
Structured Reviews Provide The Opportunity To Consider How The Learning Can Be Applied To The Delegates’ Own Work.  
  • D.McKINSEY AND ASSOCIATES Ltd Certificate Of Completion For Individuals Who Attend And Completes’ Data Management, Manipulation And Analysis Using Excel Course.
  • Candidates Who Desire International Certifications Shall Be Registered Through Our Platform For Such An Examination.
Course Duration: 5 DAYS
Course Dates:
FEB 11-15
JUL 8-12
OCT 7-11
D.Mckinsey Is Licensed To Train And Issue Certificates By The Following Bodies; – Nigerian Council For Management Education, (CMD). – OGTAN (Oil And Gas Trainers Association Of NIGERIA).
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