“The Art of Developing & Managing Your Most Valuable Resource”

Getting results through others is the key to growth, productivity improvement, and profit. Anyone who manages or supervises anyone else can benefit from the action-packed ideas in this program. Participants will learn to improve productivity, motivate people to produce, delegate, and build a high performance team.

This course covers a variety of topics on leadership and communicating effectively. This program aims to introduce participants to a variety of leadership competencies. Emphasis is on communicating, motivating and leading teams.

  • Develop interpersonal skills that help you communicate, listen and handle conflicts in your supervisory role
  • Become more effective at influencing others
  • Accomplish goals and control outcomes when dealing with staff, peers, management and other departments
  • Learn how to work with groups and teams to solve problems and accomplish projects
  • Hold performance discussions that result in changed behavior and enhanced productivity
  • Analyze your own style of behavior and recognize your strengths/weaknesses.
  • Activity and Results
  • Clarifying Goals and Expectations
  • How to empower yourself and your staff
  • What leadership is from the supervisor’s point of view
  • How to build credibility and trust
  • Communication Skills
  • Analyzing effective listening processes and skills
  • Interpersonal skills for productive performance
  • Determining your preferred leadership style
  • Learning participative leader skills and techniques
  • Authority and Influence
  • Coaching, mentoring and how to give constructive feedback
  • Decision-making tools for effective leadership
  • How to apply problem solving techniques to solve actual problems
  • Teams vs. work groups: learning to lead and build personal effectiveness
  • Helping Team Members to Be Productive



NGN 125,000

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