“The Art Of Developing & Managing Your Most Valuable Resource”

Getting Results Through Others Is The Key To Growth, Productivity Improvement, And Profit. Anyone Who Manages Or Supervises Anyone Else Can Benefit From The Action-Packed Ideas In This Program. Participants Will Learn To Improve Productivity, Motivate People To Produce, Delegate, And Build A High Performance Team.

This Course Covers A Variety Of Topics On Leadership And Communicating Effectively. This Program Aims To Introduce Participants To A Variety Of Leadership Competencies. Emphasis Is On Communicating, Motivating And Leading Teams.

  • Develop Interpersonal Skills That Help You Communicate, Listen And Handle Conflicts In Your Supervisory Role
  • Become More Effective At Influencing Others
  • Accomplish Goals And Control Outcomes When Dealing With Staff, Peers, Management And Other Departments
  • Learn How To Work With Groups And Teams To Solve Problems And Accomplish Projects
  • Hold Performance Discussions That Result In Changed Behavior And Enhanced Productivity
  • Analyze Your Own Style Of Behavior And Recognize Your Strengths/Weaknesses.
  • Activity And Results
  • Clarifying Goals And Expectations
  • How To Empower Yourself And Your Staff
  • What Leadership Is From The Supervisor’s Point Of View
  • How To Build Credibility And Trust
  • Communication Skills
  • Analyzing Effective Listening Processes And Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills For Productive Performance
  • Determining Your Preferred Leadership Style
  • Learning Participative Leader Skills And Techniques
  • Authority And Influence
  • Coaching, Mentoring And How To Give Constructive Feedback
  • Decision-Making Tools For Effective Leadership
  • How To Apply Problem Solving Techniques To Solve Actual Problems
  • Teams Vs. Work Groups: Learning To Lead And Build Personal Effectiveness
  • Helping Team Members To Be Productive PROGRAM WRAP UP AND CLOSING
NGN 125,000
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