Management Development For PA'S And Secretaries

The Technology Has Arrived, Thus Changing The Role Of A Modern Executive PA. Gone Were The Days Where Executive PAs Are Expected To Wait For The Work To Be Given By Their Executives. Modern Executive PAs Now Need To Be More Proactive In Their Roles And Undertake Various Duties And Projects With Greater Importance. Many Organizations Now Regard Their Executive PAs As Part Of The Management Team. In The Absence Of Their Bosses, They Are The Chief-Of-Support That The Management Team Needs To Rely On For Business Liaisons And Communications.

Modern Executive PA’s Must Develop Skills That Allow Them To Provide Support Which Is Beyond The Expectation Of The Management Teams And Executives. They Must Maintain Their Composure And Identity In The Most Professional Manner Without Compromising Their Ability To Multi-Task Effectively.

This Workshop Offers The Management Tools Necessary For Modern Executive PAs To Develop Their Career Into Top Rank Professional Supports To Their Management Teams And Executives; At The Same Time Winning The Best Salary Remunerations, Increasing Productivity And Achieving A Long Term Career Growth. The Workshop Contents Are Customized To Deliver Topics Of Great Interest And Importance Such As Managing Projects And Corporate Events, Dealing With Crisis, Change Management, New Hyper-Connected Workforce, Strategic Thinking And Creative Thinking Skills Among Others. Who Should Attend?

Know-How To Effectively Analyze Their Work Flow Patterns And Make Their Day More Productive And Less Stressful Applying Management Tools In Your Role And Responsibilities For Greater Competency Dealing With High Profile, Dynamic And Influential Executives All Across The Board Developing Your Professionalism For Integrity And Respect Within Your Organization Acquiring The Art Of Engaging Your Management Teams Through Your Own Leadership Style Handling Crisis Using Powerful Emotional Intelligence Skills To Take Charge In Emergency Situation Building Your Strategic Thinking Skills That Will Set You Apart From Other Executive Pas
NGN 125,000
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