Confidence In Any Situation, Comes From Competence. This Course Is Designed To Help Your Managers Develop More Confidence, By Improving Their Managerial Skills.

This Course Will Initiate A Process Of Rapid Improvement, By Developing The Six Major Management Skills: Goal Setting, Clear Communication, Prioritization (Time Management), Conflict Management, Self-Confidence And Leadership.

  • Set Specific, Achievable Goals.
  • Manage Conflict And Handle Difficult Conversations.
  • Clearly Communicate Your Message.
  • Manage Others, Motivate And Lead The Team.
  • Decide The Right Priorities By Properly Managing Your Time And Tasks.
  • Manage Yourself, Your Self-Control And Self-Motivation.
This Course Will Utilize A Variety Of Proven Adult Learning Techniques To Ensure Maximum Understanding, Comprehension And Retention Of The Information Presented. This Includes High Interaction With Tutorial Input As Well As Case Studies, Individual And Syndicated Work, And Film Shows Etc. There Will Be Opportunity For Group Discussion And For Participants To Compare Experience. Time Will Be Allocated At The End Of Each Day To Reflect Upon The Learning And Plan To Transfer The Knowledge Back To The Work Place.
NGN 125,000
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