Why Risk Your Career By Stumbling Along, Learning Management Skills By Trial And Error When You Can Get Up To Speed Fast On Essential Management Techniques And Strategies?

This Course Will Provide Participants With Vital, Time-Tested Tools And Strategies That Will Enable Them Communicate Effectively, Collaborate To Achieve Organizational Goals, Handle Projects, Solve Problems Through Critical Thinking, Adequately Plan And Manage Finance And Lead The Organization In The Desired Direction.

  • Handle And Administer Finance In A Way That Will Produce The Greatest Result For The Organization
  • Achieve Astounding Success With Every Project, Every Hiring And Every Delegation Decision
  • Communicate With Clarity And Purpose To Boost Performance And Productivity
  • Identify Strategic Opportunities And Take Actions To Drive Growth
  • Build Your Power As A Leader To Energize Your Team And Implement Your Vision
The Role Of A Manager
  • Understanding The Golden Personality Type Profiler As A Tool To Understand Personality Types And Their Impact At Work
  • Identifying The Eight Roles Of A Manager
  • Applying The Best Communication Techniques To Different Scenarios
  • Creating A Motivational Workplace
  • Team Building
Performance Management
  • Hiring And Selecting People
  • Coaching To Boost Performance
  • Delegating For Growth And Development
Project Management
  • Identifying Tools For Planning A Project
  • Balancing Six Factors: Time, Cost, Scope, Risk, Resources And Quality
  • Recognizing The Human Side Of Project Management
  • Understanding A Project’s Scope, Constraints And Deliverable
  • Applying Best Practices To Execute And Complete Your Project.
Strategic Thinking And Leadership
  • Developing A Strategic Mindset To Succeed Despite Continual Change
  • Applying The Strategic Frame Of Reference To Move Forward Strategically
  • Creating A Clear Vision And Compelling Vision
  • Applying SWOT Analysis To Create A Strategic Advantage
  • Decision Making
This Training Will Involve A Series Of Case Studies, Discussions And Hands-On Activities Designed To Help You Maximize Your Strengths As A Manager.
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