Employment And Labor Law Is Not Just HR’s Business … It’s YOUR Business! If Your Responsibilities Include Managing And Supervising People, You’re Making Decisions And Carrying Out Your Personnel Duties In What Can Be A Legal Minefield. With A Rapidly Growing Body Of Government Regulations To Keep Track Of And More Workers Who Are Concerned About Their Job Rights—And More Inclined Than Ever To Enforce Them In The Courtroom—Expensive Legal Consequences Are Possible At Every Step, Whether You’re Hiring, Firing, Disciplining, Promoting, Considering Requests For Leave Or Dealing With Any Of Dozens Of Other Employee Issues. The Verdict Is In …

Employment Law Simply Isn’t A Place Where You Can Afford To Take A Trial-And-Error, Learn-As-You-Go Approach. The Risks Are Just Too High. And The Risk Isn’t Only To Your Organization. Increasingly, Managers And Supervisors Are Being Personally Named In Employee Lawsuits—And Being Found Liable.

That’s Why We Created This Intensive One-Day Seminar—To Show You Where The Potential For Costly Mistakes Exists And To Provide You With Practical Guidelines For Treating Employees Fairly And Staying Out Of Court. You’ll Get Plain English Explanations Of Key Employment Laws And Valuable Tips, Guidelines And Suggestions To Keep You In Legally Safe Territory When You’re Making Personnel Decisions And Interacting With Workers.

  1. You’ll Understand Just How Much The Work World Has Changed. The Working Environment Is Changing Almost Daily As New Legislation And Regulations Come Into Effect. Learn About These Changes To Remain Current With Today’s Employment Law Challenges.
  2. You’ll Discover The Latest Up-To-The-Minute Information On Workplace Legislation And Regulations. Workplace Safety … Discipline And Discharge … Employee Privacy Rights … Fair Hiring Laws And Practices … Discrimination And Sexual Harassment … Wages, Hours And Leave. You’ll Learn The Latest On These Topics And So Much More.
  3. You’ll Learn From Training Experts Who Know The Issues But Who Cut Through The Legalese To Get You The Knowledge You Need Right Now. Our Training Team Has Done The Footwork For You, And They Use Their Own Management And Supervisory Experience To Make Sure You Get The Information You Need In A Form That’s Fast, Effective And Thorough.
  4. You’ll Learn How—And Why—Managers Can Be PERSONALLY Sued By Employees. Few Managers Realize That They Can Held Responsible For Violating The Law. There Are Many Reasons An Employee Would Choose To Take A Manager Or Supervisor To Court Instead Of Targeting The Entire Company. We’ll Give You The Information You Need To Protect Yourself.
  5. You’ll Come Away With More Confidence In Your Managerial And Supervisory Abilities. No One Likes To Work With A Constant Guard Up Against Legal Problems And Concerns. This Seminar Will Put You At Ease By Highlighting Important Issues, Showing You What To Be On The Lookout For And Explaining How To Stay Within Established Legal And Legislative Boundaries.
  6. You’ll Reap The Benefits Of Knowing You’re Treating Your Employees Fairly When Faced With Any Employment Law Challenge. Confidently Carry Out Your Daily Responsibilities With Maximum Effectiveness And Minimal Legal Risk—To Yourself Or Your Organization.
Management Legal Zone: Laws And Regulations Governing Against Discrimination And Unlawful Employer Activities
  • The Impact That Federal Employment Laws Have On Every Single Managerial Decision You Make
  • Avoid The Most Common Mistakes Managers Make That Land Their Organization—And Themselves—In Court
  • Identify Which Workers Fall Into Protected Classes
  • Questions Every Manager Must Answer Before Dealing With Any Legal Issue
Avoid Wage And Hour Legal Land Mines
  • Correctly Identify And Classify Exempt And Nonexempt Employees
  • Correctly Determine The Difference Between An Employee And An Independent Contractor
  • Understand The New FLSA Overtime Rules And Exceptions And How They Impact The Way You Manage Employees
  • Avoid Wage And Hour Headaches: What You Must Know About Overtime “Comp” Time, Minimum Wage And On-Call Time
Recruiting, Interviewing And Hiring Within The Legal Limits Of The Law
  • Tips For Avoiding Discrimination Suits Stemming From Unfair Recruitment And Selection Practices
  • How To Develop Legally Safe Interview Questions
  • How To Avoid Making Legally Binding Promises And Implied Oral Contracts
  • What To Do When A Candidate Offers Inappropriate Information During The Interview
  • Ban The Box: Can You Legally Ask About An Applicant’s Past Convictions?
The Legal Aspects Of Workplace Management And Employee Performance
  • Guidelines For Conducting Legally Defensible Performance Evaluations
  • Language You Must Use—And Must Avoid—When Talking To An Employee About A Performance Issue
  • How To Deal With Poor Performance And Misconduct Using Legally Safe Coaching, Counseling And Performance Improvement Plans
  • Documentation You Must Make And Keep When Handling Disciplinary Problems
Lawfully Administer And Manage Accommodation And Leave Requests
  • The Provisions Of The Family And Medical Leave Act (FMLA) And The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Regarding Employees With Disabilities
  • Understand Your Legal Options When Dealing With Employees Who Abuse Sick Leave
  • When You Have To Honor The Request Of An Employee Based On Religious Beliefs
  • Medical Marijuana In The Workplace: Do You Have To Accommodate This—Or Not?
Maintain A Safe, Healthy And Discrimination-Free Workplace
  • Learn The EEOC Guidelines For Preventing Sexual And Workplace Harassment
  • How To Lawfully Handle Transgender And Sexual Orientation Issues In The Workplace—And How The EEOC Now Treats Complaints Related To These
  • Understand Federal Workplace Safety And Health Protections Employers Are Required To Provide And Enforce
  • Actions You Can Take As A Supervisor Or Manager To Prevent Lawsuits Stemming From A Workplace Crisis, Violent Incident Or Traumatic Event
Employee Privacy: Stay Within The Limits Of The Law
  • After-Hours Activities—Can You Monitor And Influence Off-Duty Conduct?
  • What The EEOC Says About Drug And Alcohol Testing And How To Do It Without Invading Privacy Rights
  • The Ins And Outs Of Enforcing Confidentiality And No Compete Agreements
  • What You Can—And Can’t—Do When Monitoring Employee Email, Computer Files, Telephone Calls And Social Media Accounts
Legally Terminate Workers And Avoid Wrongful Discharge Or Retaliation Charges
  • The Most Common Ways Managers And Supervisors Bungle The Firing Process
  • “Employment-At-Will” Limitations You Must Consider
  • How To Legally Terminate An Employee So All Parties Maintain Dignity And Respect
  • What To Do Before, During And After Terminations To Avoid Wrongful Discharge Claims
Documentation And Record-Keeping Requirements
  • How To Accurately, Legally And Objectively Document Employee Performance And Disciplinary Actions
  • Key Information Every Employee File Should Contain To Safeguard You And Your Organization Against Wrongful Discharge, Discrimination And Negligent Hiring Suits
  • Understand Federal And State Statutes Regarding Employees’ Rights To Access Personnel Files
  • Determine How Long You Must Keep Personnel Records And Forms
This Course Will Utilize A Variety Of Proven Adult Learning Techniques To Ensure Maximum Understanding, Comprehension And Retention Of The Information Presented. This Course Is An Interactive Mixture Of Lecture, Discussion, Activities And Practice On Several Labour Laws. It Provides Definitions, Examples, Discussion And Activities Designed To Promote Acquaintance With Labour Laws.
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