Payroll Management Reveals How To Manage Time Tracking, Payroll Processing, And Paying Employees, While Also Describing The Payroll Regulations And Reporting Requirements Related To Compensation, Benefits, Payroll Taxes, And Tax Remittances. There Are Chapters Dealing With Payroll Accounting And How To Set Up A System Of Procedures, Controls, And Record Keeping. There Are Review Questions And Answers At The End Of Every Chapter. Payroll Management Is Updated Annually For The Latest Payroll Regulations.
  • Cite The Types Of Payroll Systems, And Note How Payroll Confidentiality Is Maintained.
  • Note The Circumstances Under Which Someone Is Defined As An Employee, And How An Employee Designation Impacts The Applicability Of Payroll Taxes.
  • Identify The Circumstances Under Which Different Time Tracking Methodologies Are Most Useful.
  • Note The Methods Under Which Compensation Is Calculated For Employees.
  • Cite The Tax Treatment Of Various Types Of Benefits.
  • State The Types Of Deductions From Pay, And Why They Are Used.
  • Recognize The Methods For Paying Payroll Taxes.
  • State The Methods And Related Rules Under Which A Business Remits Payroll Taxes To The Government.
  • Note How Unemployment Taxes Are Calculated.
  • Identify How Payments To Employees Are Made, And The Forms Used To Do So.
  • Note Where Payroll Transactions Are Recorded In The Accounting Records, And How Payroll Accruals Are Used.
  • Define The Contents Of The Various Payroll Reports, And The Circumstances Under Which These Reports Are Issued.
  • State The Forms Used To Update Payroll Events, When These Forms Should Be Used, And Where They Are Stored.
  • Itemize The Key Steps Involved In Payroll Activities.
  • Cite The Actions Taken To Maintain Control Over The Payroll Function, And Note The Types Of Controls That Can Be Used.
  • Identify The More Common Payroll Measurements, And Note How They Can Be Calculated And Why They Are Used.
  • Note The Responsibilities Of The Parties To An Outsourcing Arrangement, And The Negotiation Points For This Arrangement.
  • Payroll Management.
  • Definition Of An Employee.
  • Employee Time Tracking.
  • Employee Compensation.
  • Employee Benefits.
  • Payroll Deductions.
  • Payroll Taxes
  • Tax Remittances.
  • Unemployment Taxes
  • Payments To Employees
  • Accounting For Payroll
  • Payroll Reports. Payroll Record-keeping
  • Payroll Procedures
  • Payroll Controls
  • Payroll Measurements
  • The Outsourcing Option
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