The Goal Of The Course Is To Give Participants A Good Understanding Of The Processes Of Refrigeration And Air-Conditioning In Other To Enhance Their Performance In Servicing And Maintenance Of Refrigeration And Air-Conditioning Equipment. Participants Will Carry Out Practical Activities On Vacuuming, System Charging, Brazing, Pump Down, Electrical Connections Etc.  
At The End Of The Course, Participants Will Be Able To:
  1. Understand The Operational Concept Of Refrigeration And Air-Conditionin
  2. Acquire Troubleshooting Skills Of Refrigeration And Air-Conditioning And Utility Systems
  3. Identify, Use And Maintain Refrigeration And Air-Conditioning Tools
  4. Carry Out Repairs And Maintenance Of Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Systems
  5. Observe Safe Practices In Dealing With Components Relating To Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning And Utility System.
Module 1: Introduction To Heating Ventilation And Air-Condition (HVAC) System
  • Refrigeration And Air-Condition Overview
  • Refrigeration System
  • Vapour Compression (Introduction)
  • Vapour Absorption
  • Differences Between Vapour Compression And Vapour Absorption System
  • Method Of Heat Transfer
  • Science Of Refrigeration
  • State Of Mater And Refrigerant
  • Temperature, Pressure, Heat And Boiling Point
Module 2: Refrigerant
  • Refrigerant Overview
  • Refrigerant Type
  • Molecular Composition Of Refrigerants: CFC, HFC And HCFC
  • Refrigerant Application And Replacement
Module 3: Vapour Compression System
  • Basic Refrigeration Cycle
  • Condition Of Refrigerant Inside Each Component Of A Refrigeration System
  • Saturation Card, System Pressure And Temperature
Module 4: Refrigeration Components
  • Compressors
  • Hermetic, Semi-Hermetic And Open Type
  • Rotary, Reciprocating And Centrifugal Compressor
  • Service Valves: SSV, DSV, LLSV And Schraeder
  • Maintenance
  • Metering Devices
  • Expansion Valve: Thermostatic, Automatic And Electronic
  • Capillary, Float And Restricted Orifices
  • Evaporators
  • Type: Dry Expansion And Flooded
  • Forced Convection, Bare Tube, Plate And Finned
  • Maintenance
  • Condenser
  • Type: Shell And Tube, Tube In Tube And Shell And Coil
  • Cooling Tower And Evaporative Condenser
  • Maintenance
  • Other Components And Ancillaries
  • Filter, Dryer And Sight Glass
  • Suction Accumulator, Oil Separator Etc
  • Maintenance
Module 5: Refrigeration Tools, Instruments, Gauges Operation And Maintenance
  • Tools, Instruments And Gauges And Materials And Supply
  • Tubing, Fittings And Pipe Sizing
  • Copper Tube Bending, Flared Connection And Soldering And Brazing
  • Safety In Refrigeration Systems
  • Operation And Maintenance
  • Service Valves
  • Pump Down And Adding Oil
  • Refrigerant Recovery
  • Purging, Pressurizing With Inert Gas And Leak Detection
  • Vacuuming And Refrigerant Changing
  • Causes Of High Head Pressure
Module 6: Electrical Measuring Instruments
  • Voltmeter, Ohmmeter And AmmeterElectric Motors
  • Electrical Controls
  • Temperature (Thermostat, Thermistors Etc) And Pressure Control
  • Switches, Push-Button And Sensors
  • Relay, Overload And Capacitor
  • Operating And Safety Control
  • Other Electrical Components
  • Electrical Circuits And Connection
The Training Sessions Will, As Much As Possible Be Practical And Interactive, Involving Structured Learning Methods And Hands-On Practice.
  • D.McKINSEY AND ASSOCIATES Ltd Certificate Of Completion For Individuals Who Attend And Complete The Refrigeration & Air conditioning: Installation, Troubleshooting & Maintenance.
  • Candidates Who Desire International Certifications Shall Be Registered Through Our Platform For Such An Examination.
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D.Mckinsey Is Licensed To Train And Issue Certificates By The Following Bodies; – Nigerian Council For Management Education, (CMD). – OGTAN (Oil And Gas Trainers Association Of NIGERIA).  
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