Spread Sheet Skills For Planning, Forecasting And Budgeting

This Hands-On, Practical Finance & Accounting Training Course Will Demonstrate How You Can Develop Spreadsheet Models To Create A Forecast, Which Can Then Be Utilised To Generate Business Plans And Operating Budgets With The Use Excel® As It Is Used In Practice.

The Applications Will Be Focused On Three Crucial Aspects Of Business And Financial Management – Strategic Planning, Intelligent Forecasting And Realistic Budgeting.

Delegates Will Learn How Accessible The Power Of Excel® Is To Provide Realistic Forecasts And Prepare Flexible Budgets.

The Impact On Efficiency In Planning And Control And Therefore Return On Investment For Companies And/Or Divisions Will Be Startling.

This Training Course Will Feature:
  • Mastery Of The Power Of Excel®
  • What Functions To Use From The Excel Toolkit
  • Principles Of Strategic Planning And Budgeting
  • Mathematical Forecasting Models Will Be Demystified
  • Building Financial Models Enabling “What If” Analysis
By The End Of This Course, Participants Will Be Able To:
  • Navigate Through The Features And Functions Of Excel®
  • Distinguish Between Data And Output In Spreadsheet Architecture
  • Analyze Financial Statements In Order To Plan Ahead
  • Build Effective Financial Planning Models
  • Use Forecasting Techniques For Budget Preparation
Day One: Introduction To Spreadsheets Using Excel®
  • The Power Of Excel® For Building Financial Models
  • The Ribbons Of Excel With Their Commands And Functions
  • Using Formulae: Copying, Anchoring And Special Pasting
  • Using Functions: Financial, Statistical And Mathematical
  • Review Of The Financial Objectives Of Business: ROI, ROA, ROE
  • Overview Of Financial Statements
  • Case Study: Building A Quick Access Toolbar In Excel® And Applying It To The Analysis Of Financial Statements Of A Division.
Day Two: Proper Planning
  • Classical Strategic Planning Models
  • Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis And Break-Even As A Planning Example
  • Economic Order Quantity As A Planning Example
  • What-If Analysis To Build Scenario’s And Test Sensitivity
  • Maximizing And Optimizing Techniques
  • Linear Programming And Solver As Optimising Tools
  • Case Study: Preparing A Planning Model And Subjecting It To A Range Of Sensitivity Analysis In A Manufacturing Environment.
Day Three: Fantastic Forecasting
  • Forecasting In Perspective – The Past Vs. The Future
  • Necessity To Apply A Range Of Different Forecasting Methods
  • Qualitative Models Used In Forecasting
  • Quantitative Models Focussing On Time Series And Regressions Methodology
  • Forecasting Growth Rates
  • Recording, Applying And Modifying Forecast Assumptions
  • Case Study: Applying The Forecasting Functions In Excel® To Past Data And Building A Model Offering Various Scenario’s
Day Four: Beyond Budgeting
  • The Budget Process: Timing And Cycles
  • Setting Budgeting Objectives And Tolerance Levels
  • Budgeting Techniques
  • “Beyond Budgeting” Compared To Traditional Budgeting Principles
  • Operating And Capital Budgets
  • Monthly Reporting Procedures And Timely Action
  • Case Study: Building Budget Based On Assumptions – Operating Budget, Cash Budget & Capital Budget
Day Five: Putting It Together – Building The Comprehensive Model
  • Considering The Financing Mix In Strategy
  • Considering The Return To Shareholder As The Primary Indicator
  • Build Your Planning Model
  • Build Your Forecasting Model
  • Build Your Budgeting Model
  • Link These Together In Review
  • Case Study: Building An Integrated Planning, Forecasting & Budgeting Model
This Training Course Uses Both Conventional And Non-Traditional Techniques. It Utilises Small Group And Facilitated Plenary Discussions As Well As Instruction To Explore Key Concepts, Models, Tools And Techniques.
Hands-On Exercises And Case Studies Are Used To Practice The Application Of Knowledge And Use Of Skills.
Structured Reviews Provide The Opportunity To Consider How The Learning Can Be Applied To The Delegates’ Own Work.
  • D.McKINSEY AND ASSOCIATES Ltd Certificate Of Completion For Individuals Who Attend And Completes’ Spread Sheet Skills For Planning, Forecasting And Budgeting Course.
  • Candidates Who Desire International Certifications Shall Be Registered Through Our Platform For Such An Examination.
Course Duration: 5 DAYS
Course Dates:
APR 8-12
DEC 2-6
D.Mckinsey Is Licensed To Train And Issue Certificates By The Following Bodies; – Nigerian Council For Management Education, (CMD). – OGTAN (Oil And Gas Trainers Association Of NIGERIA).
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