Thriving Through Interpersonal Skills

The Workforce Is Continuously Facing Challenges From Changing Workplace Environment, The Pressure Of Workload, Hierarchy, Cultural Differences And Working With Various Stakeholders. Individuals With Interpersonal Skills Build Positive Working Relationship With Others Through Understand Emotions, Share Differences, Resolve Conflicts, Giving Or Receiving Feedback In A Constructive Manner. They Interact Successfully To Gain Consensus From Stakeholders And Decision Makers, And Foster Positive Communication Climate Within The Challenging Workplace Environment.

They Rise To The Top In Their Personal Effectiveness, Help To Reduce The Cost Of Rehiring And Training Cost And Contribute Significantly To The Organizational Growth.

  • Understand The Types And Impact Of Interpersonal Relationships.
  • Develop The Qualities Of Interpersonal Skills For Personal And Team Effectiveness.
  • Manage Emotions Of Self And Others For Positive Relationship.
  • Build Positive Interpersonal Communication Skills.
  • Improve Non-Verbal Communication To Read Others Easily And Accurately.
  • Work With People Whose Personalities And Communication Styles Are Different From You.
  • Increase Your People Power To Connect And Rapport With People Effortlessly.
  • Deliver Criticism And Solve Conflict In A Constructive Manner.
  • Handle Diverse And Difficult People With Less Stress And More Understanding.
  • Identify And Eliminate Interpersonal Habits In Your Personal Action Plan.
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