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Course description

This course is specifically designed to give people working in technically oriented positions a step-by-step guide to document and communicate your message with clarity, confidence and impact!

Technical report writing is the delivery of technical information in a manner that is adapted to their needs, level of understanding and background. One of the challenges in writing about highly technical subjects is to do so in a way that a non-specialist could understand.

This course will feature:

  • Common and Specialist Technical Report Language
  • Copies of public and private technical reports in the oil and gas sector and engineering industry for real live demonstrations
  • Various formats, design, structures and styles of technical writing.
  • Live in-class demonstrations with real life companies

course objective

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply the principles of effective business communication and report writing to compose high quality reports
  • Produce technical reports which reflect coherence, clarity, conciseness, accuracy, and completeness.
  • Present technical information in a clear, concise, and persuasive manner.
  • Use the standard format, style and structure for your report

course outline

  • Readability exercises
  • Self-evaluation of Readability Grade Level
  • Construction of good Sentences and Paragraphs
  • The specific elements of technical writing
  • Achieving clarity and coherence in their technical writing
  • Determining Reader Profiles
  • Understanding different Personality/Character Types
  • Different phases of the Report-writing process
  • The Structure of the Technical Report
  • The importance of putting forward a Hypothesis or Argument
  • Brainstorming, Mind-mapping and Categorization Techniques
  • Understanding the Purpose Statement
  • Criteria for an effective Purpose Statement
  • Developing effective Purpose Statements
  • Developing the Report Introduction
  • Different Models of Report Design and ways to organize the Premises
  • Choosing the right Report Design to best suit your thesis the premises
  • Developing the Main Body of the Report
  • Justification – supporting your premises and using Statistical Data
  • Statistical Data – what goes into the Main Body and into the Appendix
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

course methodology

Participants will be involved in various interactive workshop sessions, including projects involving brainstorming and mind-mapping and working on work-related topics to produce a great technical report which each group will present to the rest of the class. 

There would also be readability exercises amongst other activities.

course Certificate

  • D.McKINSEY AND ASSOCIATES Ltd Certificate of Completion for individuals who attend and complete the Technical Report Writing course.
  • Candidates who desire International Certifications shall be registered through our platform for such an examination.

course duration



D.Mckinsey is licensed to train and issue certificates by the following bodies;

–           Nigerian Council for Management Education, (CMD).

–           OGTAN (Oil and Gas Trainers Association of NIGERIA).

Registration modalities

Kindly confirm space availability by calling +234 (0) 8023192104 or +234 (0) 9062386530 or send an email to,   For In-House training programs / on request, please contact us using above contact details.

course dates

MAY 7-9

SEP 17-19

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